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Experience Enriches: How Travel Made Me A More Down-To-Earth, Grounded Individual ›

YES. Amazing Thursday morning read. This article perfectly explains why I love to travel and how seeing the world has greatly impacted me to become open-minded, thankful, and appreciative. 

When did you decide you enjoyed dances/raves? Idk if you heard, but Sixers have to go to the first dance to be able to have homecoming. LOL. Or are school dances and public raves/dances completely different? -a socially unsure Inde student Anonymous

I suppose that’s an incentive to increase attendance at Inde’s school dances now. To be honest, I never got into the school dance scene because a) apparently people don’t fist pump anymore if ya know what I mean b) I felt awkward and c) I CAN’T DANCE! And honestly my good friend and I were kind of forced to go to Homecoming during our junior year and THE EXPERIENCE SCARRED ME LOL U____U #rip Prom was a lot of fun though so definitely go to your high school senior ball! 

Although the line between school dances and raves is slowly converging (like my high school prom was basically a rave), I think rave culture takes its own, unique form! I wrote a paper on rave culture last year and raves essentially envelop a completely different world with emphasis on electronic dance music, drug use, “skimpy” clothing, and other means of achieving this heavily desired sense of euphoria. I really enjoy listening to EDM and would definitely go for the music and exhilarating experience, but I’m not into the whole drug scene. If you’re into it, by all means. But I personally just prefer going with the right friends and enjoying the music and overall experience - sober! 

Okay maybe I’m like totally contradicting myself now but I’ve been to a couple of enjoyable and fun college parties! I’m not too into frat parties because they’re sketchy AF but house parties, dance parties, and theme parties are super fun! I feel like college parties are all about going with the right people who won’t pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do. I can show off my lame dance moves - nobody laughed last time which kind of rocked - and I get to make my own decisions with good judgment. Double whammy. :) 

Do you miss Inde or high school in general? Would you ever go back? Anonymous

I do. I miss it a lot. I think I’m very lucky to have had such an incredible high school experience. I miss the wonderful friends I formed great relationships with in just 4 years, the inclusiveness of the clubs I had the utmost honor of serving, partaking in academic and personal challenges, and being around genuine and down to earth people who inspired me and brought out the best in me! However, I don’t miss certain things like going through the brutal college application process, getting sucked into cliquey drama, stressing over grades and tests and my GPA and SATs and APs ugh yeah I don’t miss any of that! As much as I loved high school, I wouldn’t go back. High school/San Jose became very comfortable (maybe TOO comfortable) for me at one point and if I ever wanted to grow and learn, I needed to be somewhere that challenged me and prompted me with new obstacles. I needed to throw myself into uncertainty, fear, and unfamiliarity in order to truly grow and continue to find my purpose and place in this world. Los Angeles found me but SJ will always be my safe haven (and where my mom’s home-cooked meals reside)!!! 

In what circumstances would you cry? Anonymous

When I can’t go to the mall or when I’m online shopping and then the website crashes ughhhHHHhh RIP :(